Amala's ethos is a holistic approach to the way we eat and live, being aware that all our choices have an impact on Earth, lives and health. Our mission is to inspire others to include more organic, plant based and raw foods into their lifestyles. We are passionate about where our food comes from but also understand that many do not have the expense, time or inspiration to eat in a certain way. For us 'healthy eating' isn't 'rabbit food', dieting, restriction or some uninspiring lettuce leaves. for us 'healthy eating' is conscious eating. Colourful, abundant, vibrant, life giving, nourishing whole foods. Adding the good stuff in a little bit more to combat stress, toxicity, and disease, whilst cultivating well being, happiness and quality of life.


Amala Living Foods was founded in September 2015 by Xanthea Heynes. Xanthea has a passion for environmental awareness,  regaining health through diet, and spreading the joy that can be found in plants and plant based food. With support from partner Ross, family, friends, and community, the vision for Amala has grown, expanded to present day, and continues to evolve.

Our food waste, scraps and peelings go onto our compost heap and the packaging we use is compostable, biodegradable and plant based. We believe the little things add up to make the biggest differences and don't want to cut corners on any areas of our business that can be 'greenified'. We source as many organic ingredients as we can, as well as local and UK based produce.


Amala means pure, or clean, in Sanskrit, and hope in Arabic. The food we create is clean from damaging ingredients and chemicals, and we hope for a world of compassion to all beings.