Have you heard of food combining? It can be great for optimal digestion and puts less strain on our system! Ever feel bloated after a meal? Does your digestion suffer? Do you feel lethargic, get gas or stomach aches after eating? Always consult your doctor as there could be serious underlying problems or allergies, but food combining is an easy way to see if these issues can be helped through diet. 

When different foods that don't combine well are eaten together they ferment in the stomach very quickly causing a whole host of problems. We have been following food combining for years and highly recommend it. So if you are seeking better digestion check out these handy charts to guide you.



Sunu Kër is an afro centric vegan skin care and lifestyle brand founded by British/Senegalese artist Aïcha Daffé. We met Aïcha earlier this year, and since then both of our businesses have flourished. Excitingly we now stock Sunu Kër's whole range within the shop.

Sunu Kër hand blend natural, plant-based ingredients that are cruelty free and responsibly sourced. All products are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and are made with consideration for the environment. The brand was inspired by traditional African beauty practises and ingredients, Aïcha's mission is to "provide healthy, cruelty-free and safe personal care alternatives to people everywhere."

Products include Shea 'n' Avocado Hair & Body Butter (£8.00), Peppermint 'n' Vanilla Lip Balm (£3.00), Limited Edition Coconut Oil Drawstring Bag (£7.50), Jojoba 'n' Geranium Hair Styling Balm, and African Headwraps (£15.00).

You can find Sunu Kër's delicious product range within our shop in Nottingham City Centre, also in The Screaming Carrot (Forest Fields, Nottingham) and The Green Place (Loughborough). Or if you are further afield all products are available to buy on the Sunu Kër website. You can discover more of Sunu Kër at:


[all photos ©Sunu Kër 2016]


Our little wellness deli and pop up shop is open! It is the first organic, one hundred percent vegan, 'clean living' focused space in Nottingham City Centre (NG1). We are based in a beautiful oasis in the heart of the city, Cobden Chambers [on Pelham Street, next to The Bodega/Levin Jewellers, and opposite Bodycraft Tattoo], The shop itself is situated between Forever Records, Hosta Consulting and Keishi Jewellery.

The space will provide a holistic approach to Earth friendly eating and living, with products stocked including raw sweet treats and ready to eat clean vegan eats made by ourselves, as well as the best small, local, independent and artisan food producers. We also have organically grown plants, eco friendly household products, hand poured candles, fresh organic produce, artwork, skin care and more.

Plans over the next 6 months include a full range of juices, organic seeds, recipe and nutrition book area, minimalist reusable items and an expanding bulk section modelled on zero waste and unpackaged stores, as well as instore events.

Our mission has always been to make it easier for others to include more organic, eco friendly, health conscious and plant based living into their lifestyles. We hope that with this experience we can make it more accessible, as well as offering an alternative to the ever growing meat and Subway type outlets here in Nottingham. Whilst we are not a café or restaurant, there will be fresh 100% vegan, organic, gluten free grab and go foods, and drinks, which you can sit and eat outside the shop on one of our tables in the gorgeous courtyard!

A huge amount of love to all those that have supported us and those that we have met along the way, from idea, to market stall, to this new venture. We can't wait to meet more of you.

Opening hours are Monday: 12-5pm, Tues to Sat: 10.30-6pm, Sun and Bank Holidays; Closed. September 2016 to February 2017. See you soon!


Some top tips to turn frozen bananas into the best healthy ice cream ever!


Let the bananas go super spotty. The more spots on your bananas = more antioxidant properties and goodness they contain. When they are too ripe however, the skin almost brown and the banana mushy inside, they aren't as good for ice cream, you can still use them for it, I just find they create a more icy texture and don't whip up as nice.

Peel, then cut into 1-2 inch sized chunks, I store mine in a BPA free tupperware box. When you get them out the freezer sometimes it can be worth leaving the frozen nanas out on the work top before blending, just so they are a bit easier to work with. I find getting them out the tub with a hot spoon or knife works if they are really frozen together.

A food processor with an S blade works better than a blender. I broke my last blender attempting to make banana ice cream. If you have a Vitamix or some other super fancy piece of blending equipment, that will work. If you don't, then don't bother. All the best results I've had come from the food processor. The frozen bananas will go to a crumb like texture and up the sides of the bowl, give it a mix with a spoon and keep going until you hit a gelato like consistency. 

The possibilities are endless. I add some carob flakes or cacao powder for chocolate ice cream. Or mix the same ingredients with dates or maple syrup and a tiny bit of water for a chocolate sauce (as seen in the photo above!), caramel sauce made from just dates and water with a dash of cinnamon, vegan mint choc chip? peppermint drops, raw cacao nibs and whatever green powder you may have lying round. Maple pecan? Just add maple syrup and pecan nuts..easy! Whatever flavour you are craving, you can make it.

Add more fruit. Frozen or fresh berries, blended with the bananas or just thrown on top. Dried fruits are good too.

It's best not to eat raw fruits after dinner, I wouldn't recommend this for a pudding after a cooked meal. It could cause digestive problems and make your tummy hurt! It takes the body around an hour to digest bananas, and up to 4-5 hours depending on what cooked food you have eaten.

What are your favourite nice cream flavours? Have you even tried making it yet? and if not, why not?! Let us know in the comments 


This month, Soil Association are launching their 'Organic September' campaign with support from Good Energy. The idea behind it is to make small and affordable shopping changes to incorporate more organic products into our lifestyles. Over the next 30 days, Soil Association will be sharing free downloads, tips, offers, recipes and competitions. 


Buying organic does make a difference, even if it is just organic tea, or picking up the organic carrots rather than the regular ones sat next to them. These little things seem small right? But the small things are the ones that when added up together make the biggest difference. Going organic, even on a few products, doesn't just mean you are putting less toxic chemicals into your body. It means you are supporting farmers who are trying to keep old methods of farming alive, farmers who are battling against huge GMO companies such as Monsanto, and farmers who value the welfare of their animals and land. It also means you are helping our environment. The more GMOs and pesticides being sprayed on our crops are leading to an increase in health problems and a decline in bees, as well as other wildlife. We need bees to pollinate plants so we can eat fruits, vegetables, enjoy flowers and so much more.

This is a great campaign from the Soil Association and we are lucky to have such groups that do stand up for organic standards. However we also believe that farmers shouldn't have to pay premiums for their produce to be labelled organic, which is just one of the many reasons organic produce can be so expensive. There are many producers out there who are selling organic produce, who are not officially labelled as organic because they can not or will not pay the fees to be given the right to do so. It should be the GMO produce labelled instead, not the other way round. It is a backward system we have going on here. Farmers have to pay a premium cost to verify that their food hasn't been sprayed with toxic chemicals or genetically manipulated? Anyway we love the idea of Organic September and hope it continues each year with just as much enthusiasm.

You can download a free toolkit from and check out nearby events and promotional offers over at