A nice cream FAQ

Banana ice cream can be a real contender against it's dairy or soya and full of junk counterparts when made correctly. Here we share some of our top tips to turn frozen bananas into the best healthy and delicious ice cream we've ever come across.


What colour should the bananas be?

Let the bananas go super spotty. The more spots on your bananas means the more antioxidant properties and goodness they contain. When they are too ripe however, the skin almost brown and the banana mushy inside, they aren't as good for ice cream, you can still use them but they create a more icy texture and don't whip up as much like soft serve.

How should they be stored?

Peel, then cut into 1-2 inch sized chunks and store in food safe containers in the freezer. When you're ready to make some nice cream it can be worth leaving the frozen nanas out on the work top before blending, just so they are a bit easier to work with. Getting them out their container with a hot spoon or knife works if they are stuck together.

What equipment is needed?

A food processor with an S blade works better than a blender. We broke our last blender attempting to make nice cream, oops! If you have a Vitamix or high power blender then it'll work OK but the best results come from the food processor. The bananas will go to a crumb like texture and up the sides of the bowl, give it a mix with a spoon and keep going until you hit a gelato like consistency. 

When is the optimal time for eating?

Breakfast! It's best not to eat raw fruits after dinner, we wouldn't recommend this for a pudding after a cooked meal. Eating fruits after cooked meals can cause digestive problems as it takes the body around an hour to digest bananas, and up to 4-5 hours depending on what cooked food you have eaten. Check out food combining rules. 

The possibilities are endless.

Add some carob or cacao for chocolate ice cream. Or mix the same ingredients with dates or maple syrup and a tiny bit of water for a chocolate sauce, caramel sauce made from just dates and water with a dash of salt, vegan mint choc chip? peppermint drops, raw cacao nibs and spirulina. Maple pecan? Just add maple syrup and pecan nuts..easy! Fresh berries are great too.