Sunu Kër is an afro centric vegan skin care and lifestyle brand founded by British/Senegalese artist Aïcha Daffé. We met Aïcha earlier this year, and since then both of our businesses have flourished.

Sunu Kër hand blend natural, plant-based ingredients that are cruelty free and responsibly sourced. All products are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and are made with consideration for the environment. The brand was inspired by traditional African beauty practises and ingredients, Aïcha's mission is to "provide healthy, cruelty-free and safe personal care alternatives to people everywhere."

Products include Shea 'n' Avocado Hair & Body Butter (£8.00), Peppermint 'n' Vanilla Lip Balm (£3.00), Limited Edition Coconut Oil Drawstring Bag (£7.50), Jojoba 'n' Geranium Hair Styling Balm, and African Headwraps (£15.00).

You can find Sunu Kër's delicious product range within our shop in Nottingham City Centre, also in The Screaming Carrot (Forest Fields, Nottingham) and The Green Place (Loughborough). Or if you are further afield all products are available to buy on the Sunu Kër website. You can discover more of Sunu Kër at:


[all photos ©Sunu Kër 2016]