My health journey is ongoing. I have always struggled with health, with issues over the last ten years including chronic fatigue, depression, severe mood swings, anxiety, ADHD, leaky gut, acne, IBS, asthma, morbid obeseity, drug abuse, binge eating and restricting. By 14 I had dropped out of school, experienced extreme traumas to my spirit, I weighed over 200lbs and both my mental and physical health sucked. I was aggressive and violent, drinking heavily, binge eating junk food, or not eating at all, taking medications such as Valium for anxiety, and either not leaving the house for weeks because my anxiety was so bad or running away from home. There was never any moderation. At 17 I was ‘diagnosed’ with ADHD and put on a course of Concerta.

Concerta did help my mental health, however it ruined my body. Loss of appetite and other side affects meant my weight was all over the place, and I was getting hooked on a prescription stimulant. But my thoughts were in control and I aimed to turn my life around. I took a couple of courses, became a make-up artist and started working in London and at Fashion Weeks around Europe. This didn’t help my health at all, junk food, loss of appetite, irregular eating patterns, stress, alcohol and parties meant my weight was up and down constantly as were my moods. I then found a passion for Art History. I got a place at university and moved to Nottingham. Student life was a drastic change and dragged me into three or four day long parties, barely eating, barely attending classes. My weight dropped to the lowest it’s was since I was 13.

Then aged 20 I gave up smoking and alcohol, they were making me feel awful and I would often question myself as to why I would consume them. Soon after I stopped choosing these actions, my drug abuse faded away too and my life started to pick up. I was attending class more often, my grades were up and I finally graduated, but I was gaining weight rapidly now I wasn’t starving myself from loss of appetite. I realised at this point that my whole life I had been stuck in the loop of “I’ll start tomorrow, next Monday, the New Year.. I will loose X amount of weight this month..” going on fad diets like Slim Fast, Lighter Life, Weight Watchers, Hospital Diet, every diet you can think of I’ve probably attempted it! I had no idea what to do, years of metabolic damage, drug abuse, smoking, disordered eating had messed me up. I was desperate for an answer to change my life.

This is when I first experienced alternative health and holistic living. I discovered whole foods, high raw and fruitarian living on YouTube in 2013. I dived into it. I followed 80/10/10, some days with a cooked meal, other days fully raw. Multiple trips on Banana Island and mono mealing helped to heal my acne, digestion, eyesight, smell, skin, mental clarity (the brain fog finally lifted!), my energy was even greater than I had ever experienced before, I no longer took Concerta and lost 40lbs+. I finally found a way of living that suited me, I made the connection that we are in control of our lives and thoughts, and what we eat affects every part of us mentally and physically.

For much of my life (except for a few periods of vegetarianism) I was a heavy meat and dairy junk food eater, completely unaware of the destruction I was causing to my health and the planet. Switching to a mainly plant based and high raw diet made my consciousness and mental/physical health completely change. I then began working at a vegan cafe, great I thought! But it was an environment which didn’t really believe in healthy eating or raw foods. As a stressed out tired waitress with poor eating habits I became a ‘junk food vegan’. The rise of processed foods, soya, gluten, margarines and other hidden chemicals in my diet lead to my mental health going awry and with a dysmorphic view of my appearance I managed to gain back the 40lbs plus chronic fatigue and my anxiety was at an all time high.

So at over 100lbs overweight and the heaviest I have ever been, I knew what I had to do. Follow my own advice I kept giving everybody about how whole foods and sustainable living was so game changing. How we all have the ability to control our own paths and choices to make the best lives possible for ourselves. I am still healing and hope to help others through sharing my story. This is what worked for me in my darkest periods when I was desperate to change my life. I am an advocate for doing whatever makes you feel your ultimate best whilst causing least/no harm to others or the planet around you. This does not mean we all have to eat, live or act the same.

I now spend my time at my allotment learning about plants, studying for my Master's degree in Art History, developing Amala Living Foods and dedicating my life to high vibrational living. I discovered that conscious eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. A lot of things started to fall into place for me. Movement, dance, self-love, faith, community, minimalism and waste free living, being more aware of what is actually going on in the world, organic gardening, permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and most importantly, committing to become the best version of myself that I can be.

The intention and focus of my platforms is abundant nourishment, self love, awareness, living a compassionate Earth friendly life and spreading the message that we can THRIVE!